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I have been a patient at Parmer Lane Family Dentistry for 5 years now. My original dentist, Dr. Devine, retired a couple of years ago, and I was left in the care of Dr. Garcia. I must say that I have been nothing but impressed with her service--she has a friendly smile and is very gentle.

The place has been recently remodeled to provide a warm and comforting ambiance, and they have clearly updated their equipment. Further, they have added a feature that allows me to be reminded of my appointments via multiple options, including e-mail which I find very convenient. But the biggest change (and the one I enjoy the most) is that Dr. Garcia brings her two beautiful dogs to work--a magnificent white German shepherd and an adorable red retriever. Since the office has windows facing the huge backyard, I can see them running around during my visits.

I am a big fan of this place, and I have absolutely no reservation in recommending this office to anyone looking for great dentist.

My dentist of 15 years retired a few years ago, and I was very leery of finding another I could really believe in. Through this site, I saw the positive reviews of Dr. Garcia. Her staff fit me in quickly, and over the course of several sessions, I became a fan of hers. During my visits, she has taken the time to explain what she is doing, has been meticulous with her work, and has shown complete confidence and skill. The appearance of my teeth has improved greatly due to her work.

Dr. Garcia and her staff have very high standards, and they have always been very friendly. I only wish she were in-network, but I believe the price is worth it. Winn is an amazing hygienist--she is hilarious and she is very thorough.

Dr. Garcia and her entire staff were all extremely pleasant. This was my first visit and everyone made me feel right at home. Deidre was very knowledgeable regarding her position as well as information that she gave to me concerning my teeth and x-rays before Dr. Garcia came in.

Once Dr. Garcia did come in to discuss the small opening that I have on one of my bridges that was done by another Doctor at my previous Dentist office she was nice enough to let me know that I should talk to my previous Dentist to let him know her findings and to see if he is willing to stand behind his work and fix the problem with my bridge instead of just telling me that she could do it just so that she could get the money.

She was also nice enough to let me know what I could do if he was not willing to stand behind his work. I took Dr. Garcia's advise and called my old dental office spoke with my previous dentist and he was very willing to redo the work to my bridge so that I don't have any problems in the future with my teeth. I was referred to this dental office by one of my co-workers and I am so very thankful that he sent me to a great bunch of people.

I had not been to the in dentist years....I was scared out of my wits!! My wife made me go by getting me to agree to a cleaning first. I was a nervous mess!

The Dr. Garcia at Parmer Lane Family Dentistry took her time and treated me with patience and understanding. Each step of the way I knew what was going on and could opt out if I felt the need. I agreed to a crown at first, which ended up being pain free and an easy going experience.

I've been back several times for more treatment, and I have been very satisfied with her professionalism and compassion. I can honestly say that I have overcome my fear of dentists!

The staff is friendly and has been very helpful. For great results and excellent service, I would recommend Dr. Garcia at Parmer Lane Family Dentistry to anyone.

All I can say is WOW! Dr. Garcia and her staff are top notch. I've always had a strong aversion to dentists and definitely to pain. This was not an issue here. I was immediately put at ease and each procedure went though with out a hitch. I was impressed with the newest of technology and the speed, efficiency and quality customer service that I experience. In a nutshell, after many years, I finally have the perfect dentist.

The hygienist was Awesome Too! For the first time ever, I got excellent advise on how to use my electric Oral-B tooth brush. Very cool!

I'd just like to say that i use to panic at the thought of having to go to the dentist, but Dr. Garcia and mokeyev are excellent! all dentist should be like them..i had to get some teeth pulled and I didn't feel a thing and afterwards it didn't even hands down i will never go to another dentist but them..parmer lane dentistry has great, friendly, and knowledgeable staff in a comfortable atmosphere. What more can you ask for..I would greatly recommend this place.

My dental assistant, georgina, was very friendly, funny, and helpful with my questions and explained after care.. She made me feel comfortable and has a very gentle manner about her and she was an excellent assistant.

Dr. Garcia is incredibly professional and personable. Her staff is knowledgeable and caring. They never seem annoyed with questioning and are very good with courtesy calls. This is an A-plus facility.

Admittedly, I tend to be critical of providers in the services industry, but none more than dentists. After unpleasant experiences with 2 dentists in Austin, I turned to friends for some guidance, and, based on their recommendations, I took the plunge with Dr. Garcia. Let me tell you, I am so glad I did. Everyone was so professional and courteous. The receptionist was very nice and accommodating. The hygienist gave me the best pain-free cleaning I ever had. Dr. Garcia was very nice and thorough, and she has great chair-side manners.

What differentiates Dr. Garcia and her staff from the other offices I visited is that they did not push treatment on me. While they did explain my options, I never felt like I was being forced to pick a particular one. I would recommend Dr. Garcia to anyone.

I had been going to see the previous dentist for many years until he retired, and was a little worried about having him replaced since I liked and trusted him so much. I can honestly say that I moved up with Dr. Garcia. The care is every bit as good, and she has smaller hands, an important consideration in a dentist. :-)

Dr Garcia is by far the best dentist I've ever had. Very careful, very thoughtful, very pleasant. She'd done excellent wok on fillings, crowns, a root canal & night guard. Most important of all, she's helped restore my smile. She has an amazing staff that is friendly and attentive. I would recommend to anyone.


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