Teeth Whitening

Whiter teeth can make a world of difference in the confidence of your smile. While brushing and flossing are essential for good dental health, a professional whitening is the best way to lift away years of enamel staining.

At Parmer Lane Family Dentistry, we help patients throughout Austin and the surrounding communities achieve bright and beautiful smiles. Dr. Lucinda Garcia loves to help her patients create a smile that reflects their personality and enhances their features, and our Austin cosmetic dentistry will work with you to complete your ideal smile. Make an appointment today!

How In-Office Teeth Whitening Works

In-office whitening is the most effective way to remove stains from the enamel and deeper layers of teeth. A special whitening gel is applied to the visible surfaces of the teeth, where it breaks down stains and restores teeth toward their natural luster. 

This may be done in a single 30-minute session, or an hour-long visit comprised of two bleaching sessions. For severe stains, a second whitening appointment may be needed to achieve ideal whitening.

In-office whitening gels use a higher concentration of bleach than other brightening methods, allowing it to whiten several shades more. The higher concentration must be monitored by a dental professional to ensure that the gel does not irritate the gums.

At-Home Whitening Kits for Convenient Whitening

Our practice also provides custom whitening kits that can be used at home. These kits use custom trays fitted to your teeth to apply the whitening gel, allowing you to bleach your teeth at your convenience. These kits are an excellent option for moderate whitening or for light touch-ups in combination with an in-office whitening session.

Keeping Your Teeth Stain-Free

The enamel of your teeth is porous, which allows some materials to pass through the surface layers. Over time, exposure to darker foods and drinks can discolor the teeth. Brushing only covers the tooth surface, and does not penetrate deep enough to remove built-in stains.

To keep your teeth stain-free after whitening, always maintain good oral hygiene habits. Limit your intake of foods and drinks known to stain teeth – such as coffee, tea, tomato sauce and berries – and brush your teeth after partaking in these foods.

Also make sure to keep your six-month dental visits, which will include a regular cleaning and prevents stains from building up.

Top-Notch Dentistry in Austin

Parmer Lane Family Dentistry is proud to offer top-quality service in all aspects of our practice. Our friendly and welcoming environment will make you feel relaxed and at home, and our staff work hard to see your needs met.

Dr. Garcia uses her skills and enthusiasm for dentistry to enhance the smiles of Austin families of all sizes. 

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