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Are you feeling a little crooked from the way this year has been? No problem! We can straighten you out in no time . . . and with a HUGE discount. Starting today, we're offering $750.00OFF per full Invisalign case until the end of Feb 2021.
Think about it . . . what better time then now to get started on your smile? By the time we get to take our masks off, your friends & family will be wowed by your new and improved smile!
Heck! Let's even brighten up that smile a few shades whiter while we're at it. In the spirit of the holidays we're feeling very generous! With that being said, ZOOM WHITENING just became $150 CHEAPER !! Oh so many savings!
What's keeping you from getting your dream smile? Call now to get started or for more information regarding this special promotion! 512.255.7001
Offer valid 10/27/20 - 1/1/21

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